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Provide our partners with the most advanced digital mining solutions that are simple to operate and provide the user with unparalleled value. 

The company works with clients to develop best-in-class solutions that maximize the return on the client’s capital and operating investments, focusing in particular on two very critical elements of productivity and worker safety: Energy and Mass.   Providing a physical product or service almost exclusively requires an expense of energy and any endeavor that affects the use of energy in a more efficient way immediately benefits the business and its customers. Likewise, timely movement of raw materials and the logistics of finished goods (read: movement of mass) is another area that can benefit greatly from application of more data-driven decision making.

What we do…

Partner with mining equipment and solutions providers. 

Haul Truck Priority System (HTPS)

Haul Truck Priority System (HTPS) is the most advanced solution of it's kind for managing haul trucks for open pit mining. 

Fuel efficiency management


Real-time Control

The company is perfectly positioned to fill the specific needs cited above, and take full advantage of the time available before the top down effort catches up with the market. And, even then, the ability to collaborate with clients to cost effectively provide point solutions to targeted business challenges where data may be missing places Cirrus Systems closer to customers’ businesses than competitors offering mere IT consulting solutions.


“Creative adaptability is the key to successful digital mining solutions.”

Dr. Dean McKay — Co-Founder

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Cirrus Systems began as a spin-off from the Haws Corp, Reno, NV in 2014 to apply time-space-position-information (TSPI) technology to the open pit mining industry. 

Cirrus Systems holds strong core competencies in systems integration, real time controls, contract R&D, data science and Big Data generation, analysis and management aimed at specific operational challenges.  Additionally, the company has and will continue to build core competencies– via strategic collaborations – in targeted industrial areas (i.e. mining).

The backbone of the Cirrus solution is a custom systems software application. However, to create a complete solution, numerous pieces of hardware must be integrated with the software. This is how Cirrus creates value for the customer.  Data analytics and additional software development can also be used to identify where a customer’s operational processes and procedures may need improvement. This solution relies on people to make the decisions and adjust the processes and procedures.  A step further requires integrating machines that perform the processes, then allowing the software to make decisions and control the machines.  To achieve this step, a significant amount of electrical and mechanical engineering is required. This level of expertise is what sets Cirrus apart from most software companies.  Real-time control has caused huge improvements within the manufacturing industry. Cirrus plans to apply the same methods to industries in more extreme environments like mining and the oil and gas industry that have yet to adopt such technologies in their operations. 



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