Technology Focused Solutions to Your Business Challenges!


Technology Focused Solutions to Your Business Challenges!

Increasingly, the best-in-class solutions to today’s complex business challenges are being driven by collaboration of companies with focused solutions that are:

1.     Thoroughly knowledgeable and immersed in their industry at the process level, and are

2.     Equally competent in the use of state-of-the-art monitoring and real-time control technologies that can affect efficiencies, status, precautions and process alterations immediately

The presence and balance of these two aspects are critically important. In order to provide optimal benefit, a business challenge consultancy must have both intimate industry process knowledge and a toolbox that contains state-of-the-art real-time process control, monitoring, analysis and documentation technologies. Absent these dual competencies, the client usually serves as the teacher and the solution ends up sub-optimal.

The ideal circumstance is where a provider brings industry-specific domain expertise as well as an ability to put in place the monitoring and real-time control necessary to assure success and initiate changes immediately. In that way, the consultant can truly offer a turnkey, real-time solution.

The popularity and allure of Big Data solutions has created a market for service providers to offer broad efficiencies via the assumed use of readily available, but currently unused, data at their client’s sites.  True value is clearly more apparent when the provider enters the business to assess and address a specific operational challenge.

The dual competencies outlined above allow the provider to move past simply seeking unused data or guessing about the potential benefits of operational enhancements. The business challenge itself drives the quest for and use of data. This creates confidence in the user’s mind about the provider’s ability to understand their business and its challenges and to serve up the best possible solution with metrics to gauge success and trigger modification of processes “on the fly”. If challenge support data exists, it is collected, integrated appropriately with other data streams, analyzed and packaged for real-time management scrutiny and action. If that data doesn’t exist, the collaboration between the client and the consultant defines and deploys the appropriate monitoring and data generation, again leading to a predictable, measurable result. One way or the other, real-time controls are the outcome.

Real-time control means that decisions are made based upon current operational realities, rather than via review of historical reports.  As operational realities are collected, analyzed and logically considered, the knowledge gained leads to wisdom, which in turn allows for optimization. The obvious outcome is value innovation.  If the enhancement can occur in real-time, the value innovation is maximized.