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Cirrus Systems provides adaptive, real-time control solutions, offering clients to objectively re-think and re-shape targeted areas of operations. We help enable data-driven decisions by providing real-time management tools, maximizing your productivity, yield, and safety.

Our seasoned consultants quickly immerse in your business to isolate challenges and determine the real-time process needed. Importantly, Cirrus Systems architects appropriate data generation, collection parameters, and customized logic algorithms to generate reports for advisements, leading to a customized, long-term implementation plan.

Cirrus’ in-field consultants are highly experienced in real-time controls, process engineering and change management. This ensures their ability to immerse in your operation, produce significant operational gains and work with your team to make sure changes are correctly put into place and remain in place.

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Our Services

  • Professional Services

    Disrupting accepted operational inconvenience by applying adaptive real-time control, advanced cloud technology, and domain expertise, improving company-wide efficiencies. more

  • Systems Integration

    Combining customized technologies and systems to create game-changing, robust solutions. more

  • Customer-Centric R&D

    By utilizing our real-time control expertise and connecting with research experts, Cirrus Systems provides limitless possibilities. more

Featured Case Study

Mine Haul Truck Priority System Case Study

How does Cirrus Systems develop solutions that deliver customer value to particular vertical markets and functions? Learn more about our Haul Truck Priority System Application at a Mining site by downloading our case study.

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